13 thoughts on “I give myself away

  1. I teach music lessons an my student wants to learn to play your music I was wondering if you have any of it published? thanks Gretchen

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  3. I went to a Women’s conference on last night in Raleigh NC. I Give Myself Away was played during the praise and worship and during the altar call, it was the first time I had heard this song. It ministered to my spirit so deeply that I googled it this morning and have been listening to it on You-Tube all day.

  4. Wow, I never thought of that song on a level like that. But I have been thought to listen to the words more so then the music and I must say I totally agree that it is easier to sing then to walk it out. Wow about the man of God who took a stand even if it would have cost him his life. You have inspired me to continue pursue God like never before! I want to see the bible His very word in action.. I don’t just want to read about Paul, Luke, Peter, and John. Put I want Him to use me so I give myself away. Thank you so much for pursuing God and listening to His heart so we know now what He is looking for; someone to show forth Himself in!

  5. Mann Mann ooh Mann on yesterday was the first time i heard of this song, we was learning it for praise and worship!.. and that song stuck with me too today!. I got home and looked it up and played it time and time again and the lord presence would not leave! This is a powerful song. it just does something to u!

  6. OUTSTANDING, this is a DEEP DEEP worship song I heard it a few days ago on a friends website and I have been listening ever since, I am going to buy it.

    It truly makes u look deep into yourself, this song make you think how much of yourself are u willing to give away, I am willing to give all of my selfaway, I need God in my life cannot do anything without Him.

    Bless u Mr. William McDowell for blessing the world with this song we all need to hear it.

  7. Awesome song~!!! I love it!!! It challenges me to truly surrender myself and all I have to Christ.

    Thanks!! AWesome blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soo Profound! May God continue to bless you


  8. We sang this awesome song at choir practice and the presence of God filled the place-we sang it during Sunday Morning Worship and the power of God consumed the place.
    There is an anointing that is on this song to cause persons to deny themselves, to resist selfish desires, and to cry out to God and grant him access-to use us for His Glory.
    May God continue to minister to and through you as you continue to give yourself away.

  9. This is a powerful song. I pray daily that I give my all to God so that I will be free of me and full of Him. I encourage everyone to do just what this song says. Give yourself to God. Totally !!! Be Blessed. God bless you William. I see your heart through your music. Sending blessings to you from Omaha, NE. :)

  10. I Give Myself Away brings me back to that place where I was broken before the Lord. When I got to the point where enough was enough, I’ld given up on life as I known it. 8 years I gave myself to the Lord and when I heard this song just last year I had that encounter with God all over again. Thank you for your obedience and sensitivity to the movement of the Holy Spirit. I’m praying for you and your ministry.

    Be Blessed

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